Not Priced to Sell in 30 Days

Not Priced to Sell in 30 Days

Not Priced to Sell in 30 Days

A friend of mine put her home on the market recently and was telling me about it over lunch one day. This was her exact quote, “We didn’t price it to sell in 30 days.” My interpretation was “We overpriced our home.”

Is Your Home is Overpriced?

I did some quick research and her house is probably overpriced, but, as a seller, you can know for sure if your home is overpriced if you answer yes to either one of these two questions:

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9/11 Remembered #NeverForget

9:11 Memorial

Today is a day of remembrance. Many are posting their thoughts and recollections of the 9/11 attacks on social media. I've been following Ari Fleischer's Twitter feed as he tweeted his notes and thoughts from this day 13 years ago. Fleischer was the … [Continue reading]

Live Blog | 9.9.2014 Apple Announcements

09.09.2014 | Apple Announcements |

I was glued to my AppleTV for the live announcements regarding the 2014 iPhone updates. Even with the live stream problems I am still impressed. I will be updating my phone on September 12th with the iPhone 6 Plus. When the Apple Watch comes … [Continue reading]

How Do You Know He Doesn’t Know Jesus?

How Do You Know

A friend posted this picture on Facebook with a humorous status update, but a couple of the follow on comments posted by others reminded me why I dislike religious people so much. A pastor's wife started it off with "If I put this on my … [Continue reading]