Sunday Reflection: Psalm 91 | Protection from Disease

My mom, Edna Vann, and my son, Ethan Vann, at the 2013 Birthday Celebration.

My mom, Edna Vann, and my son, Ethan Vann, at the 2013 Birthday Celebration.

Last week my mom and her twin sister celebrated the 32nd anniversary of their 39th birthday. We had a small family gathering yesterday to commemorate the occasion. I told her on Mother’s Day there was nothing I could possibly buy her that she didn’t already have, but the one thing I can do for her that no one else can is to pray for her as a son, and I do it daily.

In the last few weeks she has been dealing with a health challenge that has caused me to pray even more. On her birthday card I wrote out the entire 91st Psalm. I have copied it below for your encouragement. Read it aloud and let it build your faith.

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